mistyThe Adoption Fees for animals from the Thompson Regional Humane Society varies by the vaccinations or veterinarian services required for your new family member.  The prices listed below are for informational purposes; please contact us directly for an accurate price.

Vet Exam & FVRCP Vaccination: $94.78

Vet Exam, FVRCP & Rabies Vaccination: $129.83

Spay: $289.76

Vet Exam & FVRCP vaccination: $94.78

Vet Exam, FVRCP & Rabies vaccination: $129.83

Neuter: $228.33

Vet Exam & DA2P+PV Vaccination: $94.78

Vet Exam, DA2P+PV & Rabies Vaccination: $129.83

Spay: $354.73

Vet Exam & DA2P+PV Vaccination: $94.78

Vet Exam, DA2P+PV & Rabies vaccination: $129.83

Neuter: $279.60

Please note that:
  • The cost of spay or neutering includes, anesthetic, anesthetic monitoring, pain medication, ½ a day hospitalization
  • There may be additional medical expenses incurred that may be put onto the price of the adoption (in order to recoup the cost)
  • If client does not comply with adoption conditions, the contract is void and the animal will then be seized back into the Thompson Regional Humane Society’s care.
  • Adoption fees include
    • Vet Check
    • First shots or booster shots
    • Spay or Neuter
    • Microchip
  • Once all monies have been collected, the client will phone the Veterinary clinic and schedule the first vaccination appointment if not already vaccinated. Staff will fill out appropriate coupons for client to take to Veterinary clinic for each appointment (i.e. vaccinations, spay/neuter, micro chipping). Each time the animal is brought into the veterinary clinic, the appropriate coupon is given. The Veterinary clinic will then mail the paper work and the coupons back to the Thompson Humane Society where they are filed and recorded as returned coupons.